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School Dress Code

  • Students will receive their ID Badges Monday morning upon returning from Fall Break.
  • Students are required to wear their ID Badge or place in their laptop ID holder.
  • If students are new or were not here for Picture Day, we will take their names and print a temporary badge
  • Mrs. Ashley will make a paper copy of their ID number until we receive their new badge after make up picture day.
  • IDs are used for scanning on and off the busses as well as scanning for lunch.
  • Beginning on October 16th, if students do not have their ID badge to scan on and off the bus, they will be kicked off after 3 strikes per transportation.
  • Students will be charged a fine for replacing their lost ID badges

Dress Code

Students shall dress and groom in a clean, neat and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the operation of the school. Hate and other headwear shall not be worn inside school buildings during the school day unless (a) wearing the hat has been approved in advance by the school administration for a school event, (b) the hat or headwear is a customary part of the student’s religious observance or a religious event, or (c) the hat or headwear is recommended or prescribed by a medical doctor duly licensed in the State of Tennessee for a specific medical purpose.

More specific guidelines appropriate for each level of school shall be developed by the director of schools. Principals and appropriate faculty shall be involved in the development of each set of guidelines.

When a student is dressed in a manner which is likely to cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school, or in manner that violates the developed guidelines, the principal shall take appropriate action, which may include suspension.

CCBOE Policy 6.310

Student Dress Code

  •     Student ID badges must be worn at all times
  •     Hats, hoods, caps, other headwear, and sunglasses are not to be worn in the building
  •     The length of skirts, dresses, shorts and holes in jeans/pants must be a minimum of 5 inches from the knee
  •     Shirts, tops, blouses, etc. with a bare midriff or revealing neckline are not allowed
  •     No attire depicting or promoting violence, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
  •     No gang affiliated clothing
  •     No clothing with suggestive, crude, rude, racial, or discriminatory statements are allowed
    •      This also includes wearing clothing items displaying the rebel flag
  •     Shoes must be worn by all students
    •     House shoes/slippers are not permitted
  •     No heavy chains, spikes, or other items that cause a safety concern
  •     Sagging is not allowed
  •     No sleeveless shirts with excessively large or revealing sleeve openings
  •     No tube tops, see through tops. mesh tops, or spaghetti strap shirts allowed.
    •     Straps on shirt must be the width of a dollar bill
    •     With a sheer outer shirt, the under shirt must meet dress code requirements
  •     Trench coats are not permitted
  •     Students should not wear clothing that resembles pajamas or underwear
    •     Exceptions are made for school-wide dress up days
  •     Students may not mark or draw on others