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Important Forms & Information

Progressive Truancy Plan


Tier I

All students are included in Tier 1.

Students will receive monthly attendance awards for perfect attendance.

Parents will be contacted on 2 unexcused absences by their student’s homeroom teacher.

Tier II

A student enters Tier 2 when he or she accumulates 5 unexcused absences.

Students and parents will be expected to sign a contract in Tier 2 and parents will be asked to meet in person to discuss their child’s attendance.

Students and parents must follow the Tier 2 contract. If the student and parents fail to follow the contract, he or she can be referred to the Student Attendance Board before 10 unexcused absences.

5-9 unexcused absences

Tier III

Students will be referred to Student Attendance Board (SAB) when he or she receives their 10th unexcused absence.

Discipline Procedures

At Cheatham Middle School we use a tiered approach to behavior and consequences.

Minor Behaviors are dealt within the classroom by the teacher.

Strike Worthy Infractions are explained under the strike chart section below and are dealt with in the classroom and administration.

Major Behaviors that cause a student to be immediately sent out of the classroom, the administration will deal with these situations accordingly. These behaviors may result in the student receiving ISS or OSS without receiving the specific amount of strikes.

Strike Chart
At Cheatham Middle School we use a Strike Discipline System. The strike charts reset every two weeks, allowing students the chance to correct previous behaviors.
Strike worthy infractions Include but are not limited to:
• Non-Compliance/Defiance
• Classroom Disruption (to the point the majority of students cannot hear/learn)
• Dishonesty/Cheating
• Minor Property Damage
• Inappropriate use of Technology
• Inappropriate Language
• Out of Pocket
• Minor Vandalism
• Dangerous Horseplay
• Disruption during a drill
• Verbally arguing with another student to the point it causes a disruption

Number of Strikes and What It Means:
1. Student will receive a warning
2. Teacher will make a phone call to the parent/guardian, letting him/her know of both strike infractions
3. Student will receive ISS Lunch
4. Student will receive 1 Day of ISS
5. Student will receive 2 Days of ISS
6. Student will receive 3 Days of ISS
7. Student will receive 4 Days of ISS
8. Student will receive 5 Days of ISS/Possible OSS
Bus Identification Badges
The Cheatham County School District will issue student identification badges to be used to scan on and off the school bus. All students are required to have their badge every day he or she rides the bus.
If a child does not have a badge before getting on the bus in the afternoon they need to notify his/her teacher immediately.
If a child has lost his or her badge the following will occur:
• First time: Warning and student will receive a new badge or paper copy of badge
• Second time: ISS lunch and student will receive a new badge or paper copy of badge
• Third time and on: ISS and student will receive a new badge or paper copy of badge