Cheatham Achievers program

The Cheatham County School District will continue to offer its successful Cheatham Achievers after-school program during the 2021-2022 school year at Cheatham Middle School.

The district is able to offer this program through a 21st Century Community Learning Center Competitive grant.

The program is multifaceted and will focus on the following:

• Academic enrichment and intervention

• Health and wellness

• Social interaction and development

• Leadership and team building skills

This year, Cheatham Middle School is able to offer an extra perk during Cheatham Achievers. Our  gracious UT Extension Office has a 4-H Mentoring Grant which will be doing the following with our students:

• This will take place two days a month

• They will be exploring cooking, robotics, interesting careers and personal development topics

• Each student will be paired with a mentor to encourage academic growth and attendance

• They will also host 6 Family Night activities throughout the year

Students receive a daily snack and could be provided transportation home each day depending on numbers and locations of the student’s homes.

The program will begin on Monday, Sept. 27. We will operate Monday-Thursday from 3-5:30 p.m.

For additional information about the program at CMS, please email

An application for the program can be found under Attached Files: