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About Me

This is my fourth year teaching 7th grade Social Studies at CMS.  Before I became a teacher, I worked as a youth minister in several churches.  I'm originally from Texas, but also lived in Kansas City before I moved to Nashville in 2014.  I love middle Tennessee and am so happy to be at CMS.


March 9-13

Crazy week coming up- the time change, a full moon, and Friday the 13th!!  Let's put our seat belts on! :)
Monday/Tuesday: Students will complete a reading comprehension assignment using an article about European motives for exploration. We began looking at this material last week.  This assignment will be a classwork grade.
Then we'll begin research on European explorers.  I've created a pack of explorer "trading cards" for each student.  As they research each explorer, they'll record important info on each card.
Wednesday/Thursday: Students will continue working on their European explorer "trading cards."  They should have plenty of time to finish these in class if they use their class time wisely.
They'll also work on a USATestPrep assignment about the Americas.
Friday: We'll have a quiz over European explorers.  They will be allowed to use their "trading cards" on the quiz so this should motivate them to take really good notes throughout the week.
Please let me know if there's any additional info or help I can give you or your student.  Have a wonderful week!!

February 24-28

It's hard to believe how quickly this month has flown by!
This week we'll study the Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations.  Students are usually fascinated by this material.  We'll take notes, watch some video clips, and do a little research.
Students will have a quiz over this material on Friday.

February 18-21

I hope everyone has enjoyed this holiday weekend!  This week we'll continue our study of Native American Indians.
Tuesday/Wednesday:  We'll read articles and take notes over the Native Indians living in the Northeastern, Southeastern, and Plains areas of America.  The students began independent research about these groups last week, so they should have a pretty good understanding at this point.
Thursday/Friday: Students will take a short quiz about the Native American groups we've been studying.  Also, students will receive information about a Native American project they will have the opportunity to work on.
Have a great week!

February 10-14

This week we'll begin the Americas unit.  We'll spend a lot of time looking at Native tribes and their societies before European exploration.
Monday/Tuesday: Students will create a map of major geographic features in North and South America.
Wednesday/Thursday:  Students will work on a research project about Northeast, Southeast, and Plains Native American tribes.  We'll also have a guidance lesson from our guidance counselor Ms. Meacham.
Friday: (Happy Valentine's Day!!) Students will take a quiz over the map we made at the beginning of the week.  If your student missed this class, make sure they get the map info so they can prepare for the quiz.

February 4-7

Welcome back!  I hope everyone is feeling better after our illness day yesterday.
Tuesday and Wednesday of this week we will be working on retakes for our recent Reformation test.  This is a great opportunity for students to get their grades up.
Thursday and Friday we'll start a new unit about the Americas.  We'll make a map of major geographic features in North and South America and talk about geography's impact on the people living in each area.

December 9-13

Happy Monday!
This week we'll begin studying the Renaissance in Europe.
Monday/Tuesday: We'll cover the importance of Italy to the Renaissance.
Wednesday/Thursday: We'll talk about the Medici family and their contributions to the Renaissance.
Friday: We'll have a short quiz over this week's material.
Have a great week!!

December 2-6

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I'm so grateful for my students at CMS!  It is such a wonderful place.
This week we will be taking a test over our Middle Ages unit.  Students will be given a study guide and a full class period to prepare for the test (Monday/Tuesday).  The test will be given on Wednesday/Thursday, depending on which day your student has Social Studies.
This test will count as 60% of the student's average grade, so please make sure students are prepared to do well on the test.  Reach out to me if there is any way I can help your student this week.

November 18-22

Our Middle Ages unit continues this week! We'll be spending this entire week covering The Crusades.  There's a lot of information and students tend to enjoy covering this major conflict.
On Friday, we'll take a quiz over The Crusades.  Also, Friday morning is our CMS Career Fair.  This is a great opportunity for students!
Our Middle Ages unit test will take place the week after Thanksgiving.  If your student has some low scores on our quizzes, this test will be a great way to bring their grades up.  Students will receive a study guide and class time to prepare for the test.

October 28-November 1

Hi Everyone!
This week in class we'll be using primary sources to research The Black Death.  This is a fascinating event in European and world history.
Additionally, we will have a quiz on Wednesday for A day classes and Thursday for B day classes.  This quiz will cover the European feudal system we covered last week.  If anyone missed that class, make sure you catch up on the notes.
There is no school on Friday due to parent/teacher conferences.  Have a wonderful week!

October 21-25

Welcome back!!  I hope everyone had a great fall break.  I'm so excited for our upcoming unit.  We'll be covering the Middle Ages in Europe.  My students have always really enjoyed covering this information.
Monday/Tuesday: We'll be covering European geography and making a map of major geographic features in Europe.
Wednesday/Thursday: We'll be talking about the European Feudal System and how it impacted the culture, government, and economy.
Friday: We'll have a quiz over this week's material.
ALSO, this week we'll start covering a short unit on Japan.  Students will complete this material on their laptops in their OneNote notebooks.  They will have time at the end of class to work on these lessons.  I'll explain more about this in class.

September 9-13

Happy Monday!  It's test week.  Students need to be studying for their China test.  They will receive a study guide and be given an entire class period to prepare for the test, but they should also study at home.  Tests are worth 60% of the student's Social Studies grade.
Monday/Tuesday: Study days
Wednesday/Thursday: Test days
Friday: We'll cover new procedures and expectations for student laptops.  Also, students who were absent on test days will take the test.

September 2-6

Happy Labor Day!  I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday.  Here's a look at our week.
Monday: no school :)
Tuesday/Wednesday: we'll cover the Silk Road and the travels of Marco Polo  We'll also practice some writing skills.
Thursday/Friday: we'll finish our writing practice from the previous class and cover the Ming Dynasty.  This will be our last lesson in the China unit.
Looking ahead:  Next week (Sept. 9-13) we'll have a test over our China unit.  Students will receive a study guide to complete on Mon/Tues and the test will be given on Wed/Thurs.  Please reach out to me for any questions or help.

August 26-30

Happy Monday!  Here's a look at our week.
Monday/Tuesday: we'll cover the major agricultural, commercial, and technological advancements during the Song Dynasty.
Wednesday/Thursday: we'll cover the Mongol conquest of China.
Friday: we'll take a quiz of this week's material.
Have a great week!!

August 19-23

Here's what's happening this week:
We are beginning our China unit.  On Monday/Tuesday, we'll discuss China's geography and create a map.  On Wednesday/Thursday, we'll discuss the Sui and Tang Dynasties.
We will cover a lot of this information as a class.  So, if you miss a class, make sure you get the notes.  We will have a quiz covering this week's material on Friday (8/23).