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Seventh Grade English/Language Arts (ELA) focuses on both reading and writing. Various forms of literature and informational text are explored to help students understand the various genres of writing. Grammar skills are embedded in writing practice and reinforced through grammar practice, review and games.

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book tabbing
Did you know that setting mini-goals can help you reach your big A.R. goal?
Try this:
1. Decide when you want to finish your book.
2. Count how many days you have left.
3. Determine how many pages you have left to read.
  Total number of pages
   -Pages already read 
    Pages left to read
4. Figure how many pages you need to read each day.
   Pages left to read divided by Days you have left = Pages per day
5. Beginning where you left off, count how many pages you need to read in one day and stick a tab on that page. Continue until you reach the end of the book.
6. Now read to at least one tab each day and you will reach your goal!
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