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About Me

I have been a teacher at CMS for 6 years - 4 years in seventh and 2 year in the eighth. This is my third year in eighth grade.   I love reading, and I love encouraging students to read. I have my Reading Specialist Master. This degree will help me more effective educator and to help my students who are struggling. I have two grown children, and four dogs.   If you have any questions or concerns please email me at tammie.smith@ccstn.org.  


Aug 19-23 - Summarizing

This week we are working on summarization.  We will have a summarization quiz on Friday.  We are also working on participle phrases, and we will have a quiz over participle phrases on Friday.  
Students need a 1 subject notebook for their reading notebooks for the 40 book challenge.   

Aug 12 - 16

Hello Everyone!! 

This week we will be working on Central Idea and Participles.  
Our word of the week is Lackadaisical -  lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy
Our analogy of the week 

finicky : particular :: ______ : subservient
a. compliant b. above c. funny d. uptight

Root of the Week -  Pac/Peas = agree and peace