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5th Grade
Angela Young & Sheliah Taylor: Parents and Students check email for information regarding the use of ClassDojo communication.
Elisa Lethcoe: Text 81010 and use the message @cd7343
Katie Pritchard: Text 81010 and use the message @e28e4k
Christina Hall: Text 81010 and use the message @be4dk28
Michela Colter: Text 81010 and use the message @misscolte
6th Grade
Elizabeth Demolat:
Melanie Dickerson: Text 81010 and use the message @a89e88
Rachel Forbert/Rachel Tilley: Text 81010 and use the message @forbert
France Ford, Anita Ford, & Rebecca McCullough: Text 81010 and use the message @fab-trio
7th Grade
Parents: Text 81010 and use the message @32g8a2k
Students: Text 81010 and use the message @adbddk
8th Grade
Parents: Text 81010 and use the message @fdhe99
Students: Text 81010 and use the message @k4g36df
Lion King Jr Cast & Crew: Text 81010 and use the message @rforber
CC District Serving Meals During Closure
The Cheatham County School District will be offering free student meals due to our COVID-19 closure beginning April 7.
Free At Home Resources
TDOE Announces Partnership with PBS to Deliver Daily Instructional Content for Tennessee Students
Family Virtual Field Trips
Here is the website for counseling services from our awesome counselors Ms. Meacham and Ms. Rickert.
We will be challenging our students through a Quest on Classcraft to writing prompts of "The Diary of a Quarantined Teen." More information will be posted soon.
Audible is Free while School is on Pause.
Free Books through Overdrive and Libby Apps! 
Cheatham County Public Library! 
Khan Academy is an amazing math resource! Accounts are free, and they can go in under their grade level to continue their work or get free help. 
Meet Lucy at the Nashville Zoo!!! She is a binturong (bearcat) that was recently born! Check out the Live Cam! 
Science & Math Simulations
STEM Activities for Students and Families! 
Create a Parent Account on Future Goals and gain access to amazing STEM activities related to our very own Nashville Predators!! 
Bill Nye Home Projects
Daily Art Class with Mr. Knott on Facebook Live!
Plank Challenge with Picture from Coach Bailey.
Student Workouts sent to Coach Megan for her to complete! 
Crashcourse has videos on multiple topics and subjects, get a crash course in anything you are interested in learning. 
Lots & Lots of Resources for At Home Learning! 
Teachers are utilizing Zoom for video conferences with their students! 




Entrepreneurship Club

UT/TSU Extension Cheatham County agents are working hard to transition materials to virtual classroom settings in an effort to support our local students.  An exciting opportunity starting this Friday is an on-line Entrepreneurship Club.  This club will be open to all students in grades 6 – 12 who have an interest in starting a summer business or developing a big idea for long term benefits.  We will be using the curriculum from UT Extension and Nebraska Extension.  Students will learn how to develop their ideas, create a business plan, market their business, fund their products and much more.  Best of all we will be using a virtual classroom (zoom) which will allow the students to talk and interact with one another during this time of social isolation.


Please share this FREE opportunity with the students you serve.  More information and registration can be found at the following links:


UT Extension Facebook Information



On My Own Curriculum

During the spring, both Tammi Fralick and Sierra Knaus are both working hard to deliver the On My Own curriculum to our 7th and 8th-grade students throughout Cheatham County.  This curriculum teaches the students all about their paycheck, deductions, has a career aptitude component, and then gives them a career and family.  They then use the salary given to them and have to make all of their monthly purchases.  Most of the participants have difficult financial decisions to make and learn the reality facing them as they grow up.  It is our hope that they will take what they learn and make wise education and financial decisions as they grow up.  Although we didn’t have this program scheduled for either Harpeth Middle School, Cheatham Middle School or Pleasant View Christian, we decided to get creative and figure out a way to do this virtually.  Hopefully, it will be available in full upon returning from Spring Break.