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Mr. Knott's dream of new art tables has come true!
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


              Two years ago, Mr. Knott dreamed of an idea for a new type of table for his classroom. Unable to find any pre-made, he would have to build them himself. But time and money were an obstacle. His current tables at that time were 20 years old, took up a lot of space, were too tall for many of the fifth graders, and were not very versatile.   Mr. Knott’s dream was of tables that gave individual space to each student, would give students more visibility and access to they work, and could be moved to anywhere inside and outside the school.

              Well his dream has come true. Just before the beginning of school, a nearby church, Cornerstone Nashville, wanted to help. Every second Saturday of the month, Cornerstone Nashville does projects to help the community. This time, Mr. Knott’s classroom became one of the projects. Cornerstone supplied all the materials, and a group of volunteers built the 30 new tables the Mr. Knott had dreamed about.

              “The tables worked just as I dreamed. The students have more room and they really like using them. They can scoot closer to a friend, or they can pull away to have their own privacy. And when we do group projects, the tables easily slide together. I have not had a chance to take them outside yet, but when I do, we are going to have a lot of fun.”

              And you may ask what happened to the old tables. They did not go to waste. Ms. Hall claimed them for her classroom where her students work together in groups much of the time.



Here is the team that built the tables and some of the students in action with the tables.




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